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AnkiSOFT Yazılım's sheet pile wall design software, PALPLANS; is developed for sheet pile walls. It is for to design/analyse the piles under different conditions (construction, soil type, backfill, traffic load, ...).

You can apply uniformly distributed load on passive/active side.
You can use safety factor for passive soil loads.
You can define all soil properties of passive and active side.
Free earth support method and Coulomb theory is used in the calculations.
Pressure calculations can be done on the bases of resultant pressure or horizontal pressure.
You can neglect negative active pressure or take as zero.
You can see the calculation results on the software form.
After accepting the calculations, you can do design works.
You can select the steel type and the profile type from the software catalogue.
It is possible to do piping controle. For this; you can select sand type, the depth of impermable layer and the safety factor from the catalogue.
You can select soldier beams and struds from the catalogue. It depends on to the numper of profile (1 or 2) that you want to use.
During the design works, if  your selection doesn't satisfy the requirements, software will inform you.
After the design works, all results will be recorded to a text file.
You can add the necessary informations about sheet pile types, soldier beam types and strud types into the software catalogue. You can delete the ones that you don't want, so you can create your own catalogue.


Sample of Sheet Pile Wall Calculation Table

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